Primal Performance Series Dual Arm Functional Trainer


The Primal Performance Series Dual Arm Functional Trainer provides users with an extensive range of exercise variety due to its dual pivoting arms which rotate 180 degrees vertically and 90 degrees horizontally.
Product parameters: ·Pipe specifications: the main frame tubing is made of 2.5mm thick, Φ95 round steel pipe and PT50 * 100 oval steel pipe
Self-lubricating steel cables with a diameter of 4.8MM to ensure smooth operation and prevent corrosion
Pulley: Unique movable pulley design, which can triple the movement stroke, with a total stroke of 3240mm. Aluminum alloy pulleys are used to improve equipment durability and smooth movement
Heavy sheet (25.4mm high-quality steel) and strong magnetic self-priming counterweight pin

Training guide: Clear and easy-to-understand exercise diagrams and muscle diagrams are provided in eye-catching positions to help users use the equipment correctly
Protection cover: adopted The all-inclusive metal shield makes the movement safer
Adjustable device holder for phone or tablet
Adjustment method: the movable arm can be adjusted up and down to 13 levels, left and right to 6 levels
Movement trajectory: individual stacks allow two users at the same time
Footprint area : 1840*1080*1870mm, floor area (MAX): 3380*1600*2410mm
Equipment weight: 350KG
2 x 82kg Weight Stacks (going up in 4.5kg increments)
Accessories included: 2 x revolving cable handles, 1 x tricep rope with forged steel swivel, 1 x ankle strap
Ballet Bar

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