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XClimb Pro Curved Ladder Treadmill

Prices vary depending on selected model and specifications requested. Please get in contact for more information.


World's 1st Curved Ladder Treadmill

The LadderStation is a superbly built machine which can be easily implimented into a number of different businesses including gyms, schools, hotels, leisure centres, sports store and other businesses.

 These machines are available in different sizes and specs. These can be custome made with a custom ladder frame you can choose size, colour and request your company's branding. We can also put your company logo or image on the machine for maximum visual impact and brand awareness.

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png


  • Easy to use and fun. Suitable for beginners and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Intensive cardio activity.
  • Engages all muscle groups.
  • Extremely safe. User is close to the ground at all times.
  • Very small footprint.


  • Motorless. Works without electricity.
  • Extremely durable frame and industrial grade moving parts.
  • European quality.
  • Virtually no maintenance.
  • Two sizes available: 2.90m and 3.30m high.
  • Client can chose color and request branding.
  • 1 year guarantee on moving parts, 5 years on frame.