How to Incorporate the TANK Sled into Training

25 Aug 2021
How to Incorporate the TANK Sled into Training

With the Torque TANK, you'll experience some of the most intense resistance-based training on the market today.

In contrast to traditional push sleds, the TANK provides nearly silent training along with three different resistance levels. Are we forgetting to mention that no additional weight is required to increase the difficulty? With the TANK, you can improve your cardiovascular function, burn fat, and build strong muscles.

Additionally, TANK training accelerates the progress of the workout -14 minutes of TANK training is equivalent to an hour of on a treadmill!

Home gym spaces and commercial fitness facilities are using TANKs to transform their spaces into more effective and efficient workout environments. If you have been wondering how a TANK can help your training or you recently saw it at your gym, this is the article for you!

TANK Circuit Training

Fitness enthusiasts want quick, varied workouts that increase heart rate, so circuit training is a popular option. A circuit training workout consists of 8-10 different exercises and is a great way to exercise the muscles in various types of ways.

The TANK can easily be integrated into circuit training. Adding 30 second TANK pushes on Level 2 resistance to circuit training, or doing burpees with a TANK push, can challenge endurance and strengthen muscles all over the body.

Because of its minimal space requirement, bi-directional movements, and ability to be used in a group training environment, the TANK M1 is an ideal circuit training tool.

Partner Trainer & TANK

To train effectively, accountability buddies are vital. They're the ultimate motivator, whether they realize it or not -- they check in and get you to the gym or challenge you to a fitness competition!

Training with TANK takes partner workouts to a new level with a variety of ways to involve both athletes. Sprint training competitions, Tank races, or simply encouraging one another during intense training sessions.

The TANK Itself is a powerful training partner!

Functional Accessory Training

TANK accessories cover a wide range of applications, from popular to practical. The possibilities with Tow Ropes, Harnesses, and Inertia Wave attachments are endless!

The TANK V-Strap is an impactful attachment for arm workouts as well as TANK pulls, but a unique use of the V-Strap is for Lateral Twists. Fitness enthusiasts crave core workouts, and the TANK V-Strap attachment provides a full-body, core-focused workout. To make it more challenging, you can adjust the resistance for the Lateral Twist.

One of the most common accessories is the TANK Tow Rope. This attachment can be the biggest motivator during a TANK workout. You can incorporate rope climbing into your daily workout by using this method. The Tow Rope forces athletes to use strength and hand-eye coordination during the pull of the TANK. Using two Tow Ropes, you can convert the TANK into a true battleground.

With TANK accessories, the opportunity to incorporate TANK into training is endless.

No matter what type of athlete you are, you can benefit from the TANK – even those who are just training for fun! The TANK can be incorporated into training in small ways with push & pull sprints, or into full workouts with multiple TANK exercises & accessories.

With three different models, TANK can be programmed into almost any workout format and can be used for any fitness ability. TANK is not just another piece of gym equipment, it is the ultimate tool to reach goals & never give up - especially during workouts!

Ireland's Sole Supplier of The TANK

Flair Fitness are Ireland's sole supplier of the the TANK and Torque Fitness' other amazing products. If you would like a demonstration or more information then please don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can call into showroom in Bridgend, Co Donegal, Ireland to see this in person. The tanks can be found here on our website: