BH Fitness Light Commercial G160 Rack Smith



The BH Fitness Rack Smith G160 is the perfect choice for those who want a varied and complete workout. With a wide range of possibilities, this equipment offers more than 32 different exercises and the possibility for up to 2 users to train simultaneously. Its design is engineered to provide optimal biomechanics and smooth, natural movements. With a system of pulleys and cables, it guarantees a direct and gentle exercise. With a robust structure that can support a load of up to 180 kg, this equipment has a double loading system of 90 kg per column and a magnetised selector. Various accessories are included, such as bars, strap handles, ropes and dip handles, among others. Weighing 352 kg and measuring 220 cm x 124 cm x 225.5 cm, this multi-station is perfect for personal training sessions.


  • Double weight column, with a load of 90kgs/200lb each
  • Varied training
  • Double adjustable pulley
  • Independent arms, and free rotation movement of 180º
  • 32 different exercises
  • Accessories included: Barbell, back and gluteal exercise bar, strap handles, rope, landmine, dip handles, abs roller
  • Max. user weight: 130kg
  • Weight: 352Kg
  • Dimensions: 220 cm x 124 cm x 225.5 cm
  • Designed for optimal exercise biomechanics
  • Pulley system provides a smooth and direct exercise
  • Robust structure

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NEW_Humm_LP (1).png