The Miami S Hot Tub


The ‘The Miami S’ is a seven person hot tub. With this hot tub there’s room for everyone to relax. Suitable for both families and holiday lets.

Features Include:

 Balboa TP400 Tamper-proof top panel
 Moulded Pillow; no replavement needed
 Twin Filters with in-line Chemical Dispenser*
 Seperate Powerful Circulation Pump (up to 24hrs)
 Maintenance-free Cabinet
 13 amp or 20 amp Switch Over
 Fully Threaded Jets

      * optional

Price includes delivery, full installation, chemical starter pack, hard cover and steps.


The Miami S

Size: 2000 x 2000 x 800mm

Balboa Controls: 2kw Heater

Shell: USA Acrylic Shell

American Balboa TP400 Controls

2kW Balboa Heater

USA Aristech Acryliv with Bio-Lok

x1 3hp LX Jet Pumps

x1 Ozonator 50mg

Lockable Spa Cover

x1 Large Underwater LED Light (colour changing)

x4 Cup/Glass Holder

x2 Air Control Valves

x1 0.35hp Circulation

x26 Chrome & Grey Water Jets

x14 Rotary Jets

x12 Directional Hydro Jets

x1 Circulation Jet

x13 LED top rail lights (7 changing colours)

Filter Cover & Tray

x2 Filters

x2 Clear Stream Fountains

Super R10 insulation on all 4 sides and a solid ABS base with R10 insulation.

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png