Preowned Technogym Omnia 8 Station Multi Rig

was £3,000.00




OMNIA™ is the world’s most versatile functional training concept and the OMNIA⁸ suits varied, group training activities for eight users and more at one time in a well-organised space.

OMNIA™ gives you the opportunity to create a really engaging functional space. We can advise you on a suitable business model and our Wellness Design™ Team will help you select from a range of layout options to suit your facility.

We can help you maximise Small Group Training, Personal Training and Free Training to increase membership retention and secondary revenue.

OMNIA⁸ ensures unlimited appeal for all user levels and abilities, and can be used with or without supervision. Functional training can be effectively tailored to cater for the majority of members and will also attract new revenue from people who want to have fun when they go to the gym.


A wide range of tools and accessories are available to explore all areas of functional and ability training.

Ranging from simple tools to more specific accessories, OMNIA™ will always find a way of appealing to all types of users and the intuitive set-up system makes it quick and simple to add and remove accessories.


Length (mm | in) 2403 | 95 

Width (mm | in) 1444 | 57 

Height (mm | in) 2333 | 92 

Weight (kg | lbs) 255 | 562 

Operational space 36 | 387.5 

  1. Operational Space 36 sqm (387.5 sq. ft.)


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NEW_Humm_LP (1).png