Primal Strength Commercial V2 Belt Squat Machine


Primal Strength Commercial V2 Belt Squat Machine


  • High Quality heavy gauge steel frame with a 600kg load capacity
  • Lever arm length and handle heights adjust to suit your height and squatting style
  • Compact 202cm x 120cm footprint
  • Ultra smooth Industrial grade pillow block bearings
  • 300kg load capacity for Dips handles (included)
  • Power Band pegs to add accommodating band resistance
  • 115cm wide platform accommodates wide stance squats
  • Heavy duty dual safety catches let you easily attach and detach the hip belt whilst standing. Also allows plate loaded dips, rows and deadlift variations to be performed.

Re-engineered to give even more training variety and with a sleek new look, the Primal Strength V2 Belt Squat is designed to allow users to perform a full depth squat without loading the muscles of the lower back. You can now push your legs and glutes to the limit whilst avoiding troublesome back pain or fatigue!

With dual brake handles giving 2 choices of starting height, and a 3 position adjustable belt, it’s easy to set the starting position to suit your height and individual squatting style; no more “taking a knee” to get the belt on.

Load up the bullhorns with up to 600kg of Primal Strength Olympic plates, bands, or a combination of both and adjust the padded belt to the perfect position on your hips. Ready? Pull the lever to disengage the safety catch then use the support handles to keep your torso upright as you sit into a full depth squat with no lower back loading. Get the incredible quad, hamstring and glute activation that only squatting can provide, with none of the downsides of the traditional barbell movement. With your set complete, pull the lever to engage the safety catch and lower the lever to rest on the heavy duty solid steel pin, then you can safely remove the belt whilst still in a comfortable standing posture.

The V2 Belt Squat comes with more training functions than ever.

Dual brake pin positions allow the possibility of isometric “pin squats”. Lifting the weight to the mid point and then continuing to push against the unyielding resistance of the solid steel brake pin will build strength through the mid-range sticking point of the squat.

The redesigned main stem extends out to the front edge of the platform, leaving room for your hips so you can now comfortably perform a perfectly angled T-Bar row by simply clipping a cable handle handle to the carabiner.

The front ramp is designed to apply a pre-stretch to the posterior chain, giving a perfect position for performing Romanian Deadlifts with the lever stem. Just clip handle to the carabiner, stand with your toes elevated on the ramp, facing the platform, and allow the lever stem move down and away from your body as you perform each rep. You’ll feel glute and hamstring pre-stretch and recruitment like never before, right from the very first rep.

Add the re-engineered dip handles and you can put an end to piles of plates clanking dangerously between your legs during loaded dips! With the choice of 3 bottom positions (brake 1, brake 2, or both brakes off) and 6 height options for the dip bars, you’re assured of a safe and comfortable start position regardless of your height. Just clip the carabiner to the lever arm and get to work on your pecs, shoulders and triceps, then unclip the carabineer when your done.

Engineered from heavy gauge commercial grade steel and finished in chip resistant matt nero powder coat the Primal Strength Belt Squat is the optimum solution to building fantastic leg strength and development for anyone who finds squatting with the bar awkward or uncomfortable. Add the incredible variety of secondary functions including rows, dips, and deadlifts and it’s clear that the V2 Belt Squat offers unbeatable value for any gym or studio.

The 115cm wide non slip platform accommodates both wide and narrow stance squats, as well as lunges, loaded “marches”, band resisted explosive jumps and countless other sports specific Strength and Conditioning movements.

With an awesome 600kg loading capacity for Squats, and 300kg capacity for dips, the Primal Strength Belt Squat features solid steel safety catches and  industrial grade pillow block bearings that provide safe and smooth operation for even the strongest of athletes, and a Lifetime frame and 2 year full commercial warranty on all parts.


Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 221.7 × 124.2 × 151 cm
Product Weight


Max User Weight



Commercial Warranty – Lifetime Frame, 2 Years Parts and Labour

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