BH G6509i Magna RC Treadmill
  • BH G6509i Magna RC Treadmill

    BH G6509i Magna RC Treadmill - The brand new i.Magna RC is the perfect treadmill to carry out the most intense workout sessions, thanks to its AC motor and the i.Concept connectivity. Link your electronic device by Bluetooth to perform virtual trainings with BHs fitness apps. It has been designed for semi-professional use and for small collective facilities: hotels, neighbourhoods, corporate gyms, etc.



    • Max. user weight: 150Kg
    • Weight: 137Kg
    • Dimensions: 200cm x 94cm x 148cm
    • Power: 3.5 CV-AC
    • Speed: 1-22Km/h
    • Running surface: 155 x 55cm


    3,5 HP AC MOTOR
    It provides a speed between 1 and 22 km/h in complete silence.


    Impact absorption is performed in two stages, thereby the rebound effect on the surface and the possibility of injury are reduced.



    i.Concept machine with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Get the most out of your favourite Fitness Apps.



    Adjust the elevation level up to 15% for a more intense training.

    • Warranty

      This treadmill includes a Light Commercial Use 2 year warranty from BH.  Contact ""