Walking is the #1 fitness activity in the world. TreadClimber by Star Trac builds on this everyday motion and makes it exponentially more effective. With its unique design, the front foot steps up as much as an 18° incline, but the treadle falls, so at push-off, users are stepping on flat ground – it’s essentially like walking on sand.


The TreadClimber also allows for a natural stride length, so there’s no compromise for short or tall users. It brings a new challenge to walking without any comfort drawbacks – and not to mention, it brings proven results. We’re talking a high-burn, low-impact workout that burns 2x the calories as walking the same speed on a flat treadmill.


Imagine the best features of a treadmill, elliptical and stepper combined into one machine, the TreadClimber® by Star Trac is just that. With the benefits of a treadmill, the low impact of an elliptical and the knee and hip flexion of a stepper the TreadClimber by Star Trac is a new category for your cardio floor.

Benefits of Multiple Cardio Machines.


Two tracks (Treadles) on the E-TC TreadClimber provide flat step to incline that gives all the benefits of a Treadmill, Elliptical, and Stepper. Design and exercise pattern makes you work harder, burning twice the amount of calories in the same time as with other cardio machines. The TreadClimber concept has taken the industry by storm with its effective and efficient workout.

SoftTrac™ Triple Cell Cushioning System.


The E-TC TreadClimber features Triple Cell cushioning system unique to StarTrac E-series treadmills, which allows the greatest amount of shock absorption for more comfort on knees and back. This system is unique to StarTrac and absorbs up to 30% more shock than running on concrete.

5HP AC Motor.


More than 2x recommended power for treadmills. The StarTrac E-TC TreadClimber's size of motor allows the belt to start at faster speeds. The stronger motor is a commitment to quality. The E-TC is a commercial quality machine that will work in your gym or home for years to come.

Star Trac Treadclimber