This is Spinning® - enjoy the ride!

Spinning® is the original, authentic indoor cycling experience and we’ve been designing bikes for fitness facilities and studios around the world for nearly 30 years! Our bikes are made to fit riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities and replicate the feel and geometry of real road bikes with elegant and durable designs.

We continue to pour that same authenticity and expertise into every single bike that we design. Built specifically for the studio or fitness facility environment, the Spinner Pro® is designed to withstand the rigors of thousands of classes over many years!

Engineered for high-performance, The Spinner Pro® uses oversized, heavy-duty commercial grade crank arms – the strongest and most durable on the market, designed for low maintenance and longevity. Can be upgraded by adding power-meter technology with a SPINPower® Studio Crank, allowing your riders to measure true output and effort. The optional SPINPower® Studio Crank provides an accurate (+/- 1%) power measurement, making it one of the most accurate power solutions for indoor bikes.

The Pro features a 159 kg weight limit and dual-sided SPD®-compatible pedals so you can ride with either sneakers or cycling shoes. The 19.5 kg flywheel and drivetrain give you the authentic road bike feel that Spinning® pioneered.

Adjustability for an Efficient Ride

The right fit means more comfort and better efficiency for your riders! The Spinner Pro® features adjustability on the seat and handlebars - handlebar height plus seat height and fore/aft (forward and backward).

Rider Height and Weight

Designed for a wide range of riders, the Pro supports riders up to 163 kg and heights between 150 and 193 cm. Keep in mind that 193 cm is not an exact minimum height because leg and torso length are the determining factors.

With its maximum adjustability, the Pro is one of the few indoor bikes on the market that allows for handlebars to adjust fore and aft, which helps you customize your reach so you can ride with increased comfort.

A Smooth, Quiet Ride

The Fusion Drive® Belt system, with an ultra-durable Poly-V Isoprene belt, delivers a smooth, silent and virtually maintenance-free ride. An oversized one-bolt panel allows you improved access to the drivetrain for easy maintenance.

Endurance is part of our Design DNA

Built for the facility and studio environment, the commercial line of Spinner® bikes is designed to withstand the rigors of thousands of classes over several years. All frame materials are powder-coated for superior corrosion resistance and lasting protection from sweat and moisture to deliver exceptional durability. The “Umbrella Style” resistance knob protects the internal mechanical components from sweat and in fact, we’ve incorporated this umbrella design concept into the entire bike! Every component is designed to shed sweat and increase the durability and longevity of the bike. There are virtually no flat surfaces and components fit perfectly together so that there are little to no entry points for sweat.

Precision Resistance without Limits

The high quality leather brake pad on the Spinner Pro® provides for a smooth ride, infinite resistance and minimal maintenance. It allows the rider precise control to dial into the desired resistance and hold that resistance - whether pedaling fast or slow.

Hydration within Reach

We’ve added a sturdy, oversized dual water bottle holder to the handlebars so that hydration is within reach anytime during the ride.

Performance Saddle

The saddle of the Pro features racing-style road bike geometry with a sleek silhouette that promotes freedom of movement and comfort. The adjustment knob has an anatomical grip design that allows for ease of tightening. The saddle’s low profile and performance cushioning is perfect if you are a frequent rider because it allows for full movement and helps prevent chafing.

Dual-Sided SPD®-Compatible Pedals

All of our Spinner® bikes, including the Spinner Pro®, feature dual-sided pedals that accomodate shoes with SPD® cleats or athletic shoes. Our commercial bikes feature Morse Taper pedals for increased durability.

Genuine Road Bike Ride Geometry

The measured space between the pedals, the Q factor, is an important element for comfort and performance. Spinner® bikes feature a precise Q factor that is modeled after road bikes to deliver better comfort and biomechanics through the hips, knees and ankles.


Front-end wheels make it easy to roll your bikes for quick and easy cleaning and/or to move them out of the way after the class. Wherever you place it, the adjustable leveler feet will ensure stability! Injection molded stretch guards on rear stabilizer feet allow students to easily stretch out their calves, while eliminating the wear and tear on the paint - keeping your Spinner Pro® in tip-top shape for years to come.



Flywheel 19,5 kg Perimeter Weighted Flywheel
Handlebars Height Adjustability
Seat Fully Adjustable Seat
Frame material Steel Frame
Frame color Midnight Metallic Black
Drive train Fusion Drive™ Belt System
Resistance system Durable Leather Brake Pad
Pedal Type Morse Taper
Pedals Dual-Sided SPD®-Compatible Pedals Included
Spinning® Trio® Pedal Optional
Water bottle holder Dual Water Bottle Holder
Mediamount Media Mount Optional
Console Spinning® Studio Computer Optional
SPINPower® Studio Computer Optional
Power technology and Connectivity SPINPower® Studio Crank Optional
Spinning® Cadence Sensor Optional
Spinning® Connect™ Dual Heart Rate Monitor (Chest Strap) Optional
Spinning® Connect™ Dual Heart Rate Monitor (Arm Band) Optional
Height Limit 193 cm
Weight Limit 158,8 kg
Overal Weight 56,2 kg
Overall Dimensions 147,3 × 50,8 x 121,9 cm
Warranty Frame: 10 years / Mechanical Parts: 2 years / Labor: 1 year / Wear Items: 90 days
Brand Spinning®
Category Studio Bikes
EAN Code 0695076029026
Product code 10-027
Unit Stuk(s)

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