StairMaster 10G


The StairMaster 10G marks a revolutionary shift in stair-climbing technology. The innovative new design features the OverDrive Training Mode that simulates carrying or pushing a load up stairs, for the most intense climbing workout. The 10G’s advancements all focus on delivering the best climbing experience ever created. User-focused features include the widest and deepest stepping surface and lowest step-up height in the industry, ergonomic handrails to support multiple climbing positions and an all new drive train that delivers smooth, quiet performance.

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png

NEW_Humm_LP (1).png
  • Choose between 10″, 15″ & LCD versions of the new OpenHub™ family of consoles.

  • Includes the new OverDrive Training Mode that simulates performing a Sled Push and Farmer’s Carry up stairs for the most intense cardio workout.

  • Includes the Landmark Challenge Program as well as standard console programs.

  • The Landmark Challenge program allows users to climb well-known landmarks from around the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. Standard console programs are also included.

  • Electronically controlled generator, brake and drive chain precisely control the stair speed, allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones.

  • Hand rail mounted stop button, level controls and contact heart rate.

  • Revolving staircase with eight steps, 8” (20 cm) high, 12” (30 cm) deep and 22” (56 cm) wide.

  • Step Up Height: 9”.

  • Step rate: 25 Levels, ranging from 24-190 steps per minute.

  • 15” display allows adjustment of step rate in single SPM increments.

  • Bluetooth connectivity for user workout data tracking (15” display includes BLE headphones and HR connectivity).

  • Telemetry and contact HR.

  • USB charging port.

  • HDMI streaming from personal device available with PVS and 15″ display.

  • Multiple bottle and accessory holders.

  • Personal cooling fans create a more rewarding workout.

  • LCD and 10″ displays pre-wired for PVS entertainment, 800/900mHZ receivers, and tablet holder.

  • Electrical requirements: 12V/5 Amp power supply.

  • Powder-coated Steel frame.

  • Weight: 34in (86cm)

  • Length: 63in (160cm)

  • Height: 83in (210cm)

  • Product Weight: 653lbs (296 kg)

  • Max User Weight: 400lbs (181 kg)

  • Shipping Weight: 739lbs (335 kg)