The Curve - Self Powered Treadmill


‘The Curve’ is a self-powered curved treadmill available from Flair Fitness that allows users to train as they would outside without the need to press any buttons on a console.  From experienced runners to recreational walkers, the treadmill's stylish design and unique functionality make it an ideal choice for all types of users.

With this curved treadmill, there is very little that can go wrong structurally, as it lacks a electric motor or running deck as such. When either one of these parts fail on a traditional motorised treadmill it can result in expensive repairs or an complete right off of the machine.

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NEW_Humm_LP (1).png

In comparison with a motorised treadmill, ‘The Curve’ burns more calories and recruits more core muscles, making it a highly efficient workout tool.

By simply adjusting the user's position on the treadmill, the treadmill increases, decreases, or stops the overall speed immediately.

This treadmill features 7 training guides and heart rate compatibility. The built-in handrail provides safety to beginners, but the design of the treadmill allows for advanced runners to go from slow to sprint instantly.



• Curve design enables the user the burn more calories than a motorised treadmill
• Compact, space-saving footprint
• Lightweight and easy to move with integrated handle and wheels
• Minimal maintenance required
• Manual, non-motorised treadmill
• Low carbon footprint, no power required
• Light Commercial specification
• Console with 7 integrated training programmes and heart rate compatibility
• Adjustable leveling feet - See more at:


• Model: THE CURVE Wood Curve Treadmill
• Net Weight: 90kg
• Max User Weight: 100kg, 15.5stone
• Noise Degree: Below 80dB (A)
• Protection Level: IP 20
• Running Temperature: From +5°C to +40°C
• Electrical Insulation Level: II Level
• Product Dimension (L*W*H): 1470*800*1550mm
• Package Dimension (L*W*H): 1550*830*500mm
• Warranty: 1 year. Refer to Terms and Conditions - See more at: