BH Fitness HRT-05 Home Treadmill



The new HRT-05 takes home training to a new level. With a 12% electric incline and a speed of up to 22 km/h, this treadmill includes a 140x51cm running surface to ensure stability and comfort during your training sessions.

Intuitive, flat LED display that shows time, speed, incline, distance, calories, pulse and body fat. i.Concept 3.0 FTMS built-in.


The 3.5/2.5 hp motor provides a speed between 0.8 and 22 km/h.

Frequency of use

Machine designed for intensive training, from 7 to 20 hours per week.

Running Surface

The treadmill has a 140x51cm surface for a more comfortable workout.


The machine has an electrical incline of 12%.

Instant Keys

Easily adjust the speed and inclination at the touch of a button to comfortably adapt it to your goals.

Transport wheels

The machine's built-in wheels make it easy to transport and store at home.

Technical Specs

Use frequency = INTENSIVE
Maximum user weight =140
Length (cm) = 188
Width (cm) = 86
Height (cm)= 142
Weight (cm) = 85
Transport wheels = Yes
Power (peak/continue)= 3.5/2.5 HP
Speed = 0.8-22 KM/H
Incline = 12%
Running Surface = 140X51

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NEW_Humm_LP (1).png