Here you can find our pre-own spin bikes. All bikes are inspected, reconditioned and serviced before leaving the workshop. Some spin bikes have been re-manufactured, these have stripped back to the bare frame then powder coated and new parts fitted to ensure the longevity of the bike. 


All our used spin bikes are fully inspected / serviced and are either re-conditioned or re-manufactured.

A reconditioned bike is a bike that has been made to look original with any paint deformation dealt with and fitting of any new parts the bike requires.

A re-manufactured bike is when a bike is stripped right back to the frame to either be restored to its original look (how it came out of the factory), or to be customised in a new colour along with new stickers to match a client's branding. A remanufactured bike is stripped back to the bare frame through either acid dipping or sandblasting, then powder coated to give a tough finish which will last the test of time. New decals are applied along with all new mechanical hardware such as new bearings, chains, brake pads, seats etc

We offer reconditioning & remanufacturing services to existing or new customer's.

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