The Bali Hot tub


The ‘The Bali’ is an amazing hot tub and is packed with some great features to help with your relaxation. This hot tub is suitable for large families.

Features Include:

 Balboa 5.5″ T3 Glass Touch Screen
 Balboa BBa2 Bluetooth
 Twin Filters with in-line Chemical Dispenser*
 Seperate Powerful Circulation Pump (up to 24hrs)
 Maintenance-free Cabinet
 32 amp
 Fully Threaded Jets

      * optional

Price includes delivery, full installation, chemical starter pack, hot tub cover and steps.


The Bali

Size: 2300 x 2300 x 950mm

Balboa Controls: 3kw Heater

Shell: USA Acrylic Shell

Balboa Glass T3 Touch Panel

3kW Balboa Heater

USA Aristech Acryliv with Bio-Lok

x2 3hp LX Jet Pumps

x1 0.35hp Circulation Jet

x1 50mg Ozonator

x1 x58 Chorme & Grey Water Jets

Ice Bucket & Drinks Tray

x2 LED Cup/Glass Holder

LED Waterfall

x26 Rotary Jets

x32 Directional Hydro Jets

x1 Cirulation Jet

4-5" Winter Cover with number locking

x24 Fibre Optic Top Rail Lights (colour changing)

Twin filters with tray and cover

x4 Air Control Valves

x1 Large Underwater LED light (colour changing)

Balboa BBa2 with twin speakers & Subwoofer

Super R10 insulation on all 4 sides and a solid ABS base with R10 insulation.

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NEW_Humm_LP (1).png